Hall rules

We want to make sure that all residents can enjoy their time at halls, so we’ve put together a set of rules we expect everyone to support.

If you are unsure about any of the rules and regulations, you can contact your Duty ResLife Advisor.

Looking after each other 

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying or harassment between students in halls. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure all students have an enjoyable and memorable time in halls.

If you ever feel unsafe during your time in halls, make sure you speak to your ResLife Advisor.

If there are any issues between flatmates, ResLife encourages students to try and calmly resolve issues. If you feel a problem can't be resolved between you or you don't feel comfortable confronting the issue yourself, contact your ResLife Advisor.

Antisocial noise

Antisocial noise is noise that affects others' lives and is unreasonable, such as loud music, parties or constructing furniture, and:

  • during term time, is not allowed after 11pm;
  • is not allowed at any time during the exam period.

Looking after your flat

In most halls, there’s a housekeeping team who cleans the common areas at least once a week, however, you are still responsible for: 

  • cleaning the spaces that you use;
  • taking out the rubbish and recycling using the correct bins (flats can be charged for not doing this);
  • working with your flatmates to make sure the flat is kept clean. 

If you feel like your flatmates are not helping, chat with them about it. If this doesn’t help, you can ask your ResLife Advisor for advice on what to do next.

Fire safety

We take breaches of fire safety regulations extremely seriously. You must never tamper with fire extinguishers, fire alarms or cover smoke detectors. The equipment keeps you safe, and its misuse can put you and other students in danger.

Misuse of fire safety equipment will result in disciplinary action, which includes expulsion from your course and halls.

If you or a guest would struggle to leave during a fire evacuation for any reason, such as a disability, we can put in place a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan for you and your guests. Make sure you do this as soon as possible by alerting us before your or your guest's arrival to halls.

Remember to keep all fire doors, including your kitchen door, shut. They help to stop the risk of a fire spreading.


You’re allowed one guest to stay over a maximum of two days in any seven-day period.

Make sure your guests know the rules of halls, as you’re responsible for them.

When having guests, you need to:

  • Tell your ResLife Advisor before their stay. This is very important for safety reasons, such as fire safety.
  • Tell your ResLife Advisor if your guest (and you, if you haven't already), would struggle to leave during a fire evacuation for any reason, such as a disability. ResLife can put in place a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan for your guest.
  • Tell your flatmates so they’re not alarmed by an unfamiliar face.
  • Contact your ResLife Advisor or Duty Advisor (out-of-office hours) immediately if there is an unexpected person you don’t know in halls.

You must not:

  • Give your guest your keys.
  • Allow people you don’t know into halls.