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We have a dedicated team of Residential Advisors and a range of services to support you while living in halls.

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Accommodation advisors

All of our halls have a team of ResLife Advisors, living in-house, who are made up of either postgraduate students or members of staff at the University. Each flat or block has a specific ResLife Advisor assigned to them. You can speak with them in person or over email.

Your Advisor will visit regularly to provide information and help resolve any issues which may arise; from creating recycling rotas to resolving conflict. The ResLife teams can also help you to find other support services at the University.

A Duty Advisor is available at weekends, bank holidays and outside of office hours (6pm to 8am). You can contact your Duty Advisor for urgent matters, such as noise complaints, major building problems, lockouts and welfare concerns.

Search below for your hall and its number.

Hall of residence Number 
Ashburne Hall and Sheavyn House 07768 507405
Brook hall 07795 257439

Daisy Bank Hall

07768 122235

Denmark Road 

07990 784586
Dalton-Ellis Hall 07799 470110 
George Kenyon Hall 07789 947482
Horniman House 07789 480917
Hulme Hall and Burkhardt House 07990 561983
Oak House (Maple, Holly and Chestnut) 07974 254094
Oak House (Sycamore and Beech) 07974 254051
Richmond Park and Uttley House 07974 254191
Saint Anselm Hall and Canterbury Court 07770 280271
Unsworth Park (Bilberry, Heath, Honey and Bumble) 07789 926829
Unsworth Park (Marsham, Mason, Tawny and Carder) 07990 802704
Weston Hall 07917 213264
Whitworth Park (Aberdeen, Acomb, Derby, Dilworth) 07789 480917
Whitworth Park (Burleigh, Garstang, Leamington, Thorncliffe) 07774 995351
Woolton Hall 07867 681972