Mail and deliveries

While living in University accommodation, you can still receive deliveries and our reception staff are more than happy to sign for items on your behalf.

What can I get delivered?

We can accept and sign for most packages on your behalf, however, we can’t accept items that are:

  • larger than 300mm depth x 300mm height x 400mm width;
  • more than £150 in value;
  • more than 11kg in weight;
  • perishable food.

If you are expecting an item that fits one of the above, please arrange delivery yourself.
Whether it’s a letter or a parcel, make sure whoever is sending the item has the correct address and includes all the necessary information. Letters will be put in your mailbox but larger items will need to be collected from your hall's reception.

Should we accidentally sign for items of high value (more than £150) we can’t be held liable for any loss. In the case of a subsequent claim for loss or damage, the maximum compensation is £150.

Should we accidentally sign for perishable food it will be disposed of when we become aware of the contents.

Outside of term time, mail will continue to be put in your mailbox, but if you're expecting a larger parcel during these periods, please arrange an alternative address.

How do I collect my parcel?

If a parcel is delivered to your reception, you'll receive an email from us to collect it. You'll need to:

  • show the collection email to the reception staff;
  • show your student ID so we can identify you;
  • sign out your parcel from the reception area.

When you leave halls, you should arrange to redirect your mail as we’re unable to send this to you after you've moved out.

Amazon lockers

Some of our halls of residence have Amazon lockers where you can arrange to have a parcel delivered or leave one to be collected. You’ll need to be a resident at the hall where the locker is, as some are in key-controlled areas.

Hall locker names

  • Dalton-Ellis Hall (halfpipe)
  • Hulme Hall (gulp)
  • Oak House (gum)
  • Richmond Park (guffaw)
  • Unsworth Park (ely)
  • Whitworth Park (elbow)

You need to add the locker name for your hall to your Amazon address book, you can do this by:

  1. typing '****' into your browser followed by the name of the locker you want to add. For example, '';
  2. signing into your Amazon account;
  3. once signed in, Amazon will automatically add the address to your account.

Now, when you want to use the Amazon locker, select ’dispatch/return to this address’ during the checkout or returns process. All items must be eligible for delivery to a locker.

To collect your parcel, you’ll need an email notification with your unique pick-up code. When you go to the locker, enter your code or scan the barcode and follow the instructions on the screen.

All parcels must be picked up within three business working days. If you’re not able to collect your parcel within this time, it'll be returned with a full refund.