Disability support

We’re proud to have a dedicated, accessible and inclusive Disability Advisory Support Service (DASS).

DASS works with you to identify and help make the practical adjustments you need to succeed in your studies, work and the rest of your University experience.

After stating on your UCAS form that you have a medical condition, an email will be sent by the accommodation office to your designated email address asking you to fill out a separate medical form and any documentation. This helps the team to find the right support for you.

Supporting you

If you’re a disabled student at Manchester, our team will make sure you have all the support you need in halls to enjoy your experience.

Let us know if something relating to your accommodation isn’t right for you and is affecting your wellbeing or daily routine.

If you would struggle to evacuate during a fire alarm, let us know so we can put together a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan for you.

Make sure you register with the Disability Advisory and Support Service, and the team can put support in place for any issues you may have with your studies and general University life.

If you're unsure if you have a disability and feel you're struggling, arrange an appointment with DASS, who'll see how they can help you.