How to report an issue

All repairs, maintenance and pest issues need to be reported using the buildings maintenance system relevant to your hall.

Crisis help

If you or someone you know is in a crisis, call: 

  • Emergency services on 999
  • University Campu Support and Security on +44 (0)161 306 9966
  • Speak to your reception if you're in leased halls (Brook Hall, Daisy Bank, Denmark Road, Park View, Parkway Gate, Rusholme Place, Salford Student Quarter, Weston, Wilmslow Road)

How to report building issues in your flat

Please report all repairs and maintenance issues using the building maintenance system. If you live in leased halls (Brook Hall, Daisy Bank, Denmark Road, Park View, Parkway Gate, Rusholme Place, Salford Student Quarter, Weston, Wilmslow Road), you'll need to contact your hall reception to find out how to report issues.

During weekends, bank holidays or University closure days, we operate a call-out system and emergencies need to be reported to your ResLife Team.

By reporting an issue, you give consent to University of Manchester staff or agents to enter your room to fix the problem. Make sure your room is safe for staff and agents to enter and don’t attempt any repairs yourself.

How to complete the online form 

To report an issue, you need to log into the building maintenance system. Once on the system, use the drop-down boxes and the text box to report your issue, giving us as much detail as you can to assist our maintenance team.

You’ll receive an email receipt, and your job will be filtered to the appropriate service. You can view and track your issues to see when your job has been filtered or completed.

If you aren’t satisfied with the repair, you can re-open the fault or report it again. Please be specific about why the job hasn’t been completed satisfactorily.

How long does it take to get an issue fixed? 

Repairs are issued on a priority status from emergency through to non-urgent. Emergency repairs will be fixed within four hours.

You can track your job on the building maintenance system. If you're having any difficulties or experiencing a persistent maintenance issue, visit your hall reception and provide details of your recorded issues, such as job numbers.

Unfortunately, some repairs can take longer to fix than we'd like. For example, roof repairs may require detailed examination and have health and safety implications around safe access. For repairs like this, it may be appropriate to temporarily relocate you so you can keep enjoying your time in the halls.

Below are some examples of issues, what type of priority they fall under and how long the wait times are:

Emergency repairs

Emergencies require immediate responses and could potentially endanger your or others' health and safety, or affect building security.

These are normally carried out within four hours and could be:

  • gas leaks;
  • loss of electrical supply to a building;
  • loss of heating to a building;
  • major water leaks;
  • fire or imminent risk of fire or explosion;
  • the collapse of a structure;
  • loss of all lift facilities;
  • fire alarm system failure.

Urgent repairs

Urgent requests don’t present an immediate threat to the health and safety of people but still require a quick response. We would normally expect to carry out 80% of all work within one working day, and 100% within two and these could be:

  • blocked drains;
  • broken window (will initially be made safe);
  • malfunctioning locks;
  • loss of heating, hot water or lighting in a room;
  • overflow running;
  • running taps (not dripping);
  • floor covering (trip hazard);
  • emergency exits compromised;
  • room security;
  • stair lights out.

Non-urgent repairs

Non-urgent requests don’t present a threat to health and safety but do impact your living and still need to be fixed. We would normally expect to carry out 70% of all work within 5 working days and 100% of the work in 10 working days. Non-urgent requests could be:

  • loss of electrical power at a single socket outlet;
  • one light out (of many) in a room;
  • one radiator not working;
  • adjustment to door closures;
  • dripping taps;
  • window adjustment; 
  • plaster repairs.

Routine maintenance checks

Under the UUK code, we are required to carry out routine maintenance checks. If issues are identified during routine inspections, a building maintenance request will be submitted on your behalf. You don't need to be present during these checks.

Pest Control

The University has a proactive pest control regime with 8 visits undertaken by our nominated contractor throughout the year. The contractor also responds reactively to deal with issues that may arise from rodents, flying insects, birds, cockroaches and bed bugs. If you discover any pests please report them using the buildings maintenance system.

Students are advised to maintain good hygiene in all areas of the hall and can minimise attracting pests by disposing of waste and recycling regularly, keeping kitchen surfaces clean and free of food debris and dirty pots, storing foods appropriately, putting waste in external bin areas and not leaving litter around site.

Our nominated contractor will provide feedback on estates remedial repairs and or student behaviour when carrying out their visits.

Help us to keep your environment safe and pest free.