Summer vacation accommodation

Due to several refurbishment projects taking place this summer, our summer vacation accommodation is very limited.

We have limited accommodation available in Burkhardt House from 29 June until 7 September 2023. All students currently living in our halls of residence can apply for this, but please note that priority will be given to students applying for the entire summer period. In addition to the above, we can only allow students living in the following blocks a maximum of a 4-night stay following the end of their current licence agreement:

Fallowfield: Woolton Hall & Ashburne Hall

City Campus: Whitworth Park (Dilworth, Garstang, Aberdeen, Thorncliffe and Acomb House)

Victoria Park: Canterbury Court, Burkhardt House, St Anselm, Dalton Ellis and Hulme Hall

If the block you are currently residing in does not appear in the list above, you cannot book extra nights, and you will be required to seek alternative accommodation in the private sector from the end of your agreement period.

To apply for summer accommodation, please complete the form below and ensure that you have read the Terms and Conditions.  Once you have made the application, our teams will be in touch to confirm whether we have availability:

Please note: due to limited availability, we are not able to accommodate students who are currently living in the private sector or commuting from home.